Contingent X and Contingent II of LF return home

After the successful completion of their 6-month mission within the Resolute Support Mission (RSM) in Kabul, Afghanistan, Additional Contingent II and  Contingent X of Land Force peacekeepers returned to their homeland. In the ceremony in Rinas Airport participated Brigadier General Albert Mullai, the Turkish Military Attaché in our country Şakir Cumhur Somer and directors at the General Staff of the Armed Forces, representatives of Land Force Headquarters, family members and friends of the contingent.



Departs for NATO mission in Afghanistan the VI Peacekeeping Contingent of Land Force

In Zall-Herr garrison, was held a departure ceremony for the Peacekeeping Contingent of Land Force, which will operate in the framework of NATO Resolute Support Mission (RSM) in Afghanistan.

The ceremony was attended by Deputy Chief of General Staff of AAF, Brigadier General Manushaqe Shehu, Land Force Commander, Brigadier General Albert Mullaj, representative of the Land Force Headquarters as well as family members, friends and relatives of the Peacekeeping Contingent. 


Chief of General Staff of Albania, pays official visit to Turkey

Upon the invitation of Turkey's Chief of General Staff, General Yaşar Güler, Chief of General Staff of AAF Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku, made a two-day official visit in Turkey.

 After the official ceremony reserved on this occasion at the premises of the General Staff of the Republic of Turkey, Brigadier General Kollçaku held a special meeting with General Yaşar Güler.

At the center of the meeting between the two senior military officers was the assessment of the current cooperation relations between the two countries in the field of Defense as well as further strengthening and enhancing of this cooperation in terms of education, training, exercise, logistic and financial support, military medicine and defense industry (modernization).


A second co-ordination meeting is held in Tirana in the framework of the meeting of Chiefs of General Staffs of US-Adriatic Charter (A-5) initiative

The second co-ordination meeting of member states of the US - Adriatic Charter (A-5) initiative was held in Hilton hotel in Tirana.

This important meeting precedes the organization in our country of the 23rd meeting of the Heads of General Staffs of this initiative, in the framework of enhancing regional military cooperation.

In this meeting participated Representatives from the American Command in Europe, representatives from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Croatia. The conference was also attended by Kosovo Security Force representatives with the status of observers.

The meeting was organized by the Department of Defense Planning and Monitoring at the GS and co-chaired by Col. Vehbije Kuti and EUCOM Lieutenant Colonel Aimme J. Mowry.


EOD sends 5TH Contingent in Latvia as part of NATO Enhanced Forward Presence

In the premises of the Engineering Battalion (EB) of the Support Command was held the Departure Ceremony of EOD 5th Contingent which will participate in the mission of Enhanced Forward Presence (Enhanced Forward Presence - EFP) to NATO, as part of the group - battalion led by Canadian forces deployed in Latvia.

At the organized ceremony attended Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku, accompanied by Support Command Commander Brigadier General Ndriçim Sallaku.


Brigadier General Kollçaku on the Departure Ceremony of two peacekeeping contingents of the Land Force, in Kabul, Afghanistan

Chief of General Staff of AAF, Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku participated today in the deployment ceremony of 3rd Contingent and the peacekeeping 9th Contingent of Land Force to Kabul, Afghanistan, within the contribution of our country to NATO "Resolute Support Mission".

The ceremony held at the military side of the International Airport "Mother Theresa" in Rinas, was attended by the Land Force Commander Brigadier General Albert Mullai, Commander of Support Command Brigadier General Ndriçim Sallaku, the Turkish Military Attache accredited in our country Colonel Şakir Cumhur Somer, as well as the family members of the staff who are set out on the mission.


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