CHOD, Major General Jeronim Bazo received military attaché of UK Lt. Col Richard Perry, resident in Macedonia

Within the framework of the military cooperation plan between the two countries, CHOD, Major General Jeronim Bazo, met the military attaché of Great Britain, Lieutenant Colonel Richard Perry this morning at a working meeting.  

CHOD, Major General Jeronim Bazo appraised the high level of bilateral military cooperation, which has kept increasing during the recent years. On his part, the military attaché of Great Britain, Lieutenant Colonel Richard Perry informed CHOD, Major General Jeronim Bazo for the progress and performance of the Albanian military students studying in British military schools and expressed the readiness to continue with this cooperation in the future.


Meeting of CHODs of Balkan countries, on 03-05 June, in Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, Major General Jeronim Bazo, takes part in the meeting of the CHODs of the Balkan countries, held in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina from 3 to 5 June 2014. This meeting is also attended by senior representatives from the Military Committee of NATO and EU, NATO Joint Force Command, Naples, the U.S. Command in Europe, and the EU mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The main topics to be discussed at the meeting will be about military cooperation among countries in the Balkan, especially in the areas of education, exercises, training, exchange of information on risks and asymmetric threats, as well as the evidence of readiness for the interconnection between joint operational centres.


Exercise “Cooperation for Security” tests the capacities of Military Police

For several days, the personnel of the Military Police’s operational company and NRF platoon are testing the operational capabilities and procedures of the staffs at the tactical level, as well as knowledge for the planning and execution of operations.

The exercise, coded “Cooperation for Security”, which is being carried out in the training region of Biza, aims to increase the Military Police capacity for peace support operations, collective defence (under Article 5 of NATO), and in response to humanitarian disasters within the country.



Albanian Forces continue to contribute under the motto “Albania belongs to all, let’s keep it clean”

In the framework of cleaning the territory, with the request of the Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism, the Ministry of Defence and  the Armed Forces under the motto "Albania belongs to all, let’s keep it clean", have contributed during the day to clean the beaches in Vlora seaside.

General Bazo closely followed the work of the officers of the Armed Forces, engaged in the cleaning, among other things said: “The Armed Forces are here to give their contribution under the motto “Albania belongs to all, let’s keep it clean”, major things in life cannot occur unless small ones are done before.”


Conclusion of the Armed Forces Soccer Championship

For five consecutive days in the sports complex of the Training and Doctrine Command was held the Armed Forces Soccer Championship; the event was organized by the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

According to a approved schedule, matches were played between 8 participating teams from the main structures of the Armed Forces: Land Force, Air Force, Naval Force, Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), Logistic Brigade, Regional Support Brigade, Military Police and Supporting Regiment.


NATO CHODs, successful meeting in Brussels

It ended today the 171st meeting of the Chiefs of Defence of NATO and partners countries, held at NATO headquarters in Brussels. The second meeting of this year again brought together 28 top military of NATO member countries, as well as the commanders of the major commands of the Alliance.

The two-day meeting was chaired by General Knud Bartels, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee and brought into the spotlight the key challenges facing the North Atlantic Alliance that precede NATO’s next summit, to be held in Wells, UK, during September.


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