“Albanian Lion” British representatives visit Military Police

The main logistic support coordinator of the exercise “Albanian Lion ‘14” and “Dragon Hammer ‘14”, Captain Mark Peterson made an official visit to the premises of the Military Police where he was received by the Deputy Commander of the Military Police, LTC. Etor Shehu.

Captain Mark Peterson, on behalf of the Third Brigade of the British Royal Marines Commander, Brigadier General Charles Fickland, expressed appreciation for the contribution made by the Military Police to the exercises “Albanian Lion 2014” and “Dragon Hammer 2014”.


72th Anniversary of Peza Conference commemorated

72th anniversary of Conference of Peza was commemorated today in “Peza e Madhe” as one of the most significant events of the glorious history of the national Liberation Anti Fascist War. Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Niko Peleshi, Defence Minister Mrs. Mimi Kodheli. AAF ChoD, Major General Jeronim Bazo and veterans of the Anti-Fascist War as well as residents of Peza were part of the celebrations.

Minister Kodheli and General Bazo, along with other participants in the ceremony laid wreaths in the monument dedicated to Conference of Peza, and paid homage to the martyrs’ cemetery of Peza.


“EAGLE” mission Special Forces decorated by President Nishani

A ceremony of gratitude and appreciation for the contribution of the Special Forces participating in the missions “Eagle 1”-“Eagle 8” in Afghanistan was held under the auspices of the President of the Republic and also the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, H.E Bujar Nishani in the premises of the Palace of Brigades.

Chief of Defence, Major General Jeronim Bazo, the US Ambassador, Mr. Alexander Arvizu, Deputy Minister of Defence, Mr. Dritan Hila, former defence ministers, MPs, ambassadors and defence attachés of NATO member countries, military personnel and their families attended the ceremony.


“Albanian Lion” opens doors to the public

The Open Day in the framework of the joint Albanian-British exercise “Albanian Lion 2014” was conducted at Rinas Airport. 

AAF ChoD, Major General Jeronim Bazo, Deputy Minister Mr. Dritan Hila, the UK Ambassador in Tirana, Mr. Nicholas Cannon, generals and senior officers of the Armed Forces, defence attachés accredited to our country, as well as family members of servicemen of the Armed Forces participating in the joint Albanian-British exercise “Albanian Lion” attended the event. 



“Albanian Lion 2014” welcomes Distinguished Visitors

The Distinguished Visitor Day of the joint Albanian-British Exercise “Albanian Lion 2014” occurred at the Naval Base in Kepi i Palit. This event was attended by President of the Republic Mr. Bujar Nishani, Minister of Defence, Mrs. Mimi Kodheli, Armed Forced Chief of Defence, Major General Jeronim Bazo, the UK Ambassador in our country, Mr. Nicholas Cannon, defence attachés accredited to our country, etc.

Defence Minister. Mrs. Mimi Kodheli appreciated the commitment and results achieved by the troops participating in “Albanian Lion” exercise, as an indication of the excellent cooperation of our Armed Forces with the British Royal Navy. “Albanian Lion 2014” exercise is taking place at a brittle time for our common security and in particular for the European continent.


Commissioning ceremony of Officers who completed training at New Jersey Guard Officer Candidate School (OCS)

The commissioning ceremony of 24 new Albanian officers, who successfully completed a pilot program at the OCS of the New Jersey National Guard in the United States, was conducted at the Ministry of Defence.
The Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, Major General Jeronim Bazo, Deputy Minister of Defence, Mr. Dritan Hila, US Ambassador in Tirana, Mr. Alexander Arvizu, Commander of the New Jersey National Guard, Brigadier General Michael Cunniff, generals and directors of the Ministry of Defence and General Staff, defence attachés accredited in Tirana, representatives of the Office of ODC and CUBIC, family members and relatives of the commissioned officers, etc participated in the ceremony organized on this occasion.


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