CHoD Brigadier General Kollçaku visits the Military Metrological Service

The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku, accompanied by the Deputy Commander of the Air Force, Colonel Zarka, paid a visit to the premises of the Military Meteorological Service (MMS).

During this meeting, the Chief of General Staff was introduced by the leaders of the MMS with the mission, tasks, structure, activity, problems and challenges of this service. He also visited workplaces and got acquainted with the staff and tasks they perform.


Gjeneral Kollçaku attends the Graduation Ceremony of new officers of the Armed Forces

The Closing Ceremony of the General Education Officer Course at the Academy of the Armed Forces took place today in the auditorium. Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku, Commander of the Brigade General's Doctrine and Training Comm. Assoc Prof. Bajram Begaj, force Commanders, Directors of the MoD and GS, AFA pedagogical staff, TRADOC staff, as well as relatives of the cadets were present at the ceremony.



The farewell ceremony held for the Greek and German Military Attaché

Today, at the premises of the General Staff of AAF, was held the farewell ceremony for the Greek Military Attaché Brigadier General Christos Bakirtzis and the German Military Attaché, Lieutenant Colonel Hans Peter Wamsler on the occasion of accomplishing of their mission. 

The ceremony organized on this occasion was attended by the Defense Deputy Minister Petro Koçi, Chief of General Staff of AAF, Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku, Directors in MoD and HQ, etc.


The Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania lost their colleague and companion and his family their beloved member Colonel Hysen Ymeraj, who passed away at the age of 73

Colonel Hysen Ymeraj was born in Shkozet, Durrës on December 26, 1946 in a family of high patriotic feelings. He has served for almost 35 years in the Armed Forces and throughout his career he has been distinguished for his great, patriotic, intellectual, military and social values. He has devotedly performed different duties such as commanding and giving academic contribution up to the strategic level tasks in the Ministry of Defense and General Staff.

As a lecturer, his contribution to the education and qualification of Intelligence Officers, in the professional management of intelligence units, will always remain appreciated and unforgettable.


Chairman of NATO Military Committee Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, official visit in our Country

Chief of General Staff of FARSH Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku received this morning the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee (CMC), Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, who is holding an official visit in our country.

The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach held a meeting with Chief of General Staff of AAF Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku after the reception ceremony.



Brigadier General Shehu attended in a meeting Generalleutnant Salvatore Farina, Land Force Commander of Italian Armed Forces

In the framework of the bilateral cooperation in the field of Defense between the Republic of Albania and the Republic of Italy for 2019 with the invitation of the commander of the Land Force of the Albanian Armed Forces Brigadier General Albert Mullai on 15 – 16 July 2019, the Commander of the Land Force of the Italian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Salvatore Farina paid a work visit to our country.

Deputy Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces, Brigadier General Manushaqe Shehu received Lieutenant General Farina in a meeting.


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