Celebration of 5th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Combat Support Battalion in the Land Force

The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku, accompanied by Brigadier General Albert Mullai, participated in the celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Land Forces Combat Support Battalion.

In his greeting, Brigadier General Kollçaku said he was honored to attend this important day, that held a significant meaning not only for the Combat Support Battalion officers, but for all of the Armed Forces.


Albania hosts the 23rd U.S. - Adriatic Charter CHODs Conference

On September 25th, 2019, in Durrës was held the 23rd Conference of the Chiefs of Staff (CHODs) of the US Initiative - Adriatic Charter (A-5).

The A5 Conference is the most important activity that the Armed Forces evolve as part of this initiative. It involves organizing and carrying out a range of regional and NATO framework activities

The organization of this conference was preceded by a number of other activities, including the third working group meeting (IWG) as well as the meeting of GSC NCOs (CSEL).

The third meeting of the working group (IWG) was co-chaired by Colonel Bilbil Bitri, Director of the Directorate of Defense Planning and Monitoring, and LTC Colonel Aimee J. Murray, US EUCOM Representative. 


Maximum commitment by the Armed Forces to cope with the situation created by the floods

The Armed Forces structures continue to be alert and committed to cope with the situation created yesterday evening by the heavy rainfall

Effectives of the Regional Support Battalion, Support Command, , have been engaged with forces and means using special dewatering motor pumps with of capacity of 3,000 liters/minute to remove water from the dwellings in the Valias Administrative Unit, Kamza Municipality, where below-grade areas of residences and businesses were flooded.

Meanwhile, hundreds of other troops, mostly of the Land Force, are in readiness to intervene anywhere and in any case if the situation worsens.


Brigadier General Manushaqe Shehu meets with women serving in the Air Force

At the Air Force Command, the Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Brigadier General Manushaqe Shehu, held a working meeting with the female personnel (military and civilian) of the subordinate structures of the Air Force. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the National Action Plan and the plan of the Ministry of Defense for the implementation of UN Resolution 1325 “On Women, Peace and Security””.

At this meeting Brigadier General Manushaqe Shehu was accompanied by the Deputy Commander of the Air Force, Colonel Editson Zarka.

Brigadier General Shehu during her speech, after thanking the participants, emphasized the importance of the role of women in the Armed Forces: “Women are a significant force and a valuable asset for the role and place they play in accomplishing the Armed Forces mission. It is you who contribute and serve in important missions such as that of the United Nations (Sudan), as well as in other important missions alongside our NATO allies.


AAF structures continue the EC operation to set up tents for residents affected by the earthquake

The Armed Forces and all its structures are fully prepared to provide the assistance required by earthquake-affected residents.

The Armed Forces continue to direct and coordinate all operations in close cooperation with the General Directorate of Civil Emergencies.

Throughout Sunday evening, the Armed Forces (BMR) staff, in co-operation with the Engineer Battalion effectives and the Office of Civil Emergency of Durrës District made it possible to set up tents on the premises of Besa Stadium in the city of Kavaja for earthquake affected residents in Qerret village, Kavaja municipality, Dedej quarter, Vora municipality, as well as in Kuç and Palaq villages of this municipality.

Also, the facilities of the Military Rest House in Durrës have been made available and medical assistance has been provided by the Military Medical Unit at the Trauma Hospital. The Military Medical Unit also continued to work with mobile medical teams, providing immediate assistance to residents on terrain and in reception centers.


FA structures assist residents affected by the earthquake

The Regional Support Battalion at the Support Command is in readiness and has been working all night to shelter in tents citizens left out as a result of damage to their houses, as result of the civil emergency created by this afternoon's earthquake, which hit our country, especially Durrës and Tirana.

In cooperation with the Civil Emergency Office of Tirana and Durrës districts are set up: 2 campings in Tirana , respectively at Dinamo Stadium and at 'Liqeni i Thatë' and 1 center in the city of Durrës.

These camps are of particular importance for sheltering people who have been left out, whose homes have been cracked and crumbled and pose a serious risk of collapse.

So far, 13 tents have been erected in Tirana and two large tents in Durrës.


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