Armed Forces fully committed to assist population affected by the earthquake


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The Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania are in full standby after the difficult situation created by the 6.4 Richter magnitude earthquake, which hit our country in the early hours of Tuesday morning, with the epicenter on the coast of Durrës. About 2.000 effective are engaged in the Search and Rescue operations (Engineer, Special and Command Forces).

Also 1,900 Police effective are on the ground and on full alert, along with municipal firefighting teams, dozens of medical teams and hundreds of citizens who have been deployed on the ground and are on full alert to enable evacuation and rescue of people stranded in the ruins and putting up tents and sheltering families whose homes have been damaged.

200 effective, the most professional Civil Emergencies experts from Italy, Greece, France, Turkey, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Romania have joined our Search and Rescue teams who are working non-stop in Durrës and Thumanë.

The United States of America through the Regional Office for Natural Disaster Assistance will assist on-site needs.

In line with ongoing search and rescue operations, 300 tents have been set up to shelter about 1,000 residents near the Durrës Stadium and Thumana Sports Field.

Also the military Vacation Residence in Durrës, with a capacity of 200 people is at the disposal of the residents in need.

Specialists from the EU, Greece, Turkey, France, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Switzerland, US, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia are providing specialized assistance in Search and Rescue operations.

These operations continued all night in Durrës, while in Thumana they resumed early in the morning, after being interrupted for several hours due to nighttime difficulties. According to preliminary information, 29 people lost their lives, 650 were injured and 45 were rescued.


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