The Military Police activity in support of Commands, was attended by CHoD Brig. Gen. Kollçaku

In the premises of the Ministry of Defense auditorium was held the Military Police workshop related supporting the Commands. 

The workshop were attended by Chief of the General Staff of the AAF, Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku, Commanders of Forces and Autonomous Units, Commander of Military Police Col. Altin Kurti, as well as military and civilian personnel of the intelligence structures, lawyers and commanders’ advisers of the AAF.

The purpose of this workshop was to discuss security and legal issues as well as to increase the security and cooperation within the Armed Forces. To highlight the role of the Military Police as a structure that supports and assists Commands and Units to prevent actions that violate security and legitimacy, different presentations were welcomed about the mission, duties and role of the Military Police, enhancing security measures by recommending solutions to identifying problems, preventing and stopping in time actions that violate law, order and security in the Armed Forces and channeling all controversies into legal frameworks. Consequently, it helps preserving and protecting the image of the Armed Forces and of the serviceman as well.

The Chief of General Staff of the AAF, Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku welcomed the initiative. He emphasized the importance of conveying this message to all Armed Forces Structures in order to engage their personnel toward rigorous law enforcement.

The event was concluded with discussions and recommendations.

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