Gjeneral Kollçaku attends the Graduation Ceremony of new officers of the Armed Forces

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The Closing Ceremony of the General Education Officer Course at the Academy of the Armed Forces took place today in the auditorium. Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku, Commander of the Brigade General's Doctrine and Training Comm. Assoc Prof. Bajram Begaj, force Commanders, Directors of the MoD and GS, AFA pedagogical staff, TRADOC staff, as well as relatives of the cadets were present at the ceremony.Speaking on the occasion, AFA Deputy Commander / Rector Colonel Edmond Braneshi said: "This day will be remembered, as this marks the giant leap you made in joining the corps of our Armed Forces officers. The 9-month journey required dedication, commitment, sacrifice and a lot of effort on your part in order to achieve the objectives set in the academic curricula that you dear cadets best achieved.  The whole staff of the Academy of the Armed Forces, in particular the Department for the Preparation of the New Officer, all these boys and girls who graduate today, have done an excellent job in accomplishing their assigned tasks.

On behalf of the new officers, the cadets welcomed Sonila Rapi, who after expressing her gratitude to everyone for the support, said among other things: “The course of life we have taken requires a lot of responsibility and dedication, in particular, taking on great challenges and responsibilities, to demonstrate our readiness and the ability to become dedicated military personnel serving our country. The participation of 14 women out of 54 shows a unique example of encouragement for women to participate in the Armed Forces, - concluded Rapi.

A special greeting to the newly graduated officers was addressed from the Chief of General Staff, Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollcaku, who after expressing the pleasure of attending this very special ceremony, stated: “Our Armed Forces are not large in number and it is inevitable not to meet in the near future. So getting to know each other will enable you to work in a team and promote in your career. Brigadier General Kollçaku mentioned the two cadets that already graduated from the KSF of Kosovo. The practice with troops reintroduced into the new officer's training program, has trained you best with what to expect when you join the career of the AAF. "At the end of his speech, Brigadier General Kollçaku also highlighted the current aim of AAF to improve the military education system and change it into a three-year education system that will enable better qualification of candidates for officers.

Further on, the ceremony continued with the distribution of diplomas, as well as a joint photo.


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