The Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania lost their colleague and companion and his family their beloved member Colonel Hysen Ymeraj, who passed away at the age of 73


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Colonel Hysen Ymeraj was born in Shkozet, Durrës on December 26, 1946 in a family of high patriotic feelings. He has served for almost 35 years in the Armed Forces and throughout his career he has been distinguished for his great, patriotic, intellectual, military and social values. He has devotedly performed different duties such as commanding and giving academic contribution up to the strategic level tasks in the Ministry of Defense and General Staff.

As a lecturer, his contribution to the education and qualification of Intelligence Officers, in the professional management of intelligence units, will always remain appreciated and unforgettable.

During the 1998-1999 Kosovo crisis, AAF General Staff entrusted Colonel Hysen Ymeri the duty of creating and commanding the Special Forces, named at that time "Delta Force" in Albania, according to American model and experience. They would also carry out combat operations on his guidance in the north of the country.

Colonel Hysen Ymeraj career remains unforgettable exclusively when the Academy Command entrusted him the training of the men of Kosovo in September 1991, seven years before the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK) began training. He trained even the legendary Kosovo’s hero, Adem Jashari.

Hysen Ymeraj is the author of the book titled " Stërvitëm dhe Adem Jasharin” and he has been awarded with various military awards and medals.

After becoming a reservist, Colonel Hyseni was awarded with "Medal of Gratitude" by the KLA and "Labëria" Association.

Colonel Hysen Ymeraj will always be remembered as a model and a professional and he will remain an inspiration to the future generations.

By a telegram of condolence, Chief of General Staff of AAF Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku expressed his deepest condolences to the family for losing their dearest,and for  colleagues and friends loosing their best friend.

In the premises of the Armed Forces Museum, for more than two hours, homage was held and floral wreaths were placed in honor of the life and work of Colonel (Reservist) Hysen Ymeri, attended by Deputy Defense Minister  Petro Koci, Chief of General Staff of AAF Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku, Generals and Force Commanders, Autonomous Units in the Armed Forces, Armed Forces members, family members and relatives of the deceased


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