Brigadier General Shehu attended in a meeting Generalleutnant Salvatore Farina, Land Force Commander of Italian Armed Forces


In the framework of the bilateral cooperation in the field of Defense between the Republic of Albania and the Republic of Italy for 2019 with the invitation of the commander of the Land Force of the Albanian Armed Forces Brigadier General Albert Mullai on 15 – 16 July 2019, the Commander of the Land Force of the Italian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Salvatore Farina paid a work visit to our country.

Deputy Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces, Brigadier General Manushaqe Shehu received Lieutenant General Farina in a meeting.

After congratulating General Farina, Brigadier General Shehu praised the very good cooperation between the two countries in the field of Defense and Security. Brigadier General Shehu particularly focused on the fruitful cooperation in military operations and missions within the Alliance, military education and exercise.

This cooperation and support in the military field has been excellent throughout the years, with tendencies for further consolidation, such as the cooperation between Italian and Albanian Land Force, which will surely be very fruitful thanks to this visit.

Brigadier General Shehu also congratulated him for the successful visit to the Land Force Command, and wished him a pleasant stay in Albania.

After thanking  Brigadier General Shehu for the warm and friendly reception, General Farina praised the excellent cooperation between the two countries and expressed readiness to continue this cooperation in the future. While appreciating the contribution to the Alliance operations and missions, especially the Train Advice Assist Command (TAAC-West, Herat) and KFOR, General Farina said that it is time for the cooperation between our two land forces structures in long run (2-3 years) including training, combined and joint training sessions and exercises, which would increase the efficiency of collaboration.

Both interlocutors, pointed out that mutual visits of the civil and military leadership of the two countries have contributed to the further strengthening of the cooperation between them, expressed the conviction that the Albanian - Italian military cooperation is important not only in the framework of bilateral cooperation, but also as two NATO member countries and will always recognize growth in their common interest.

Earlier, the Commander of the Italian Armed Forces Land Force, Lieutenant General Salvatore Farina, was also received in a courtesy meeting  by Deputy Defence Minister, Petro Koçi.


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