Colonel Altin Kurti, the new Military Police Commander

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Chief of General Staff of AAF Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku, attended the change of command ceremony in the Military Police, which took place at the Military Police Battalion.

The ceremony began by reading the Order of the Defence Minister for the appointment of Colonel Altin Kurti, as the Military Police Commander, a task so far held by Colonel Ekland Dauti.

Brig. Gen. Kollçaku opened his speech thanking and showing gratitude for the work, professionalism and achievements shown by Colonel Dauti, former commander of the MP while leading this unit: "We appreciate and express our gratitude for the responsibility and dedication to whoever worked and headed this battalion ..."

Col. Kurti has a leading career, with operational and managerial experience in all ranks, from the lowest duties to the highest ones regarding the Ministry of Defence and missions abroad. He is highly educated, trained and experienced, characteristics that guarantee further consolidation of current achievements, progress and fulfilment of tasks...", said brigadier General Kollçaku.

Colonel Dauti in his opening speech, thanked the participants for the cooperation and support during these two years as the MP commander in order to successfully fulfil the tasks and mission of the MP as well as congratulated Col. Altin Kurti on the new post of MP commander.

The newly appointed commander in charge of MP, Colonel Altin Kurti, on his part thanked the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff of the Armed Forces for the appreciation and confidence shown with his appointment as commander of the PU. "I feel honoured and privileged for the task taken as MP commander. This is a special task for me and an important mission as well. It holds a great responsibility because of the main role that the MP has, not only in the fulfillment of the constitutional mission of the Armed Forces but also in fulfillment of the obligations we have as NATO member country. Therefore, all of us must act as a team where there is only one rule and each of us carries out his duty in the area of responsibility ..." - Col. Kurti said among other things.

The ceremony continued with the passing of the Military Police flag.


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