The history of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (Highlights):

May 4, 1913 was established the first Headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Albanian Independent State (Major Staff), led by Major Ali Shefqeti (Shkupi).
January 1920 the structure of the Major Staff was reestablished shortly after the announcement of the government by Lushnja Congress, and it was led by Colonel Ali Shefqeti (Shkupi).
November 1920 in the government formed by Iljaz Vrioni, Brigadier General Ali R. Kolonja was appointed the head of the Major Staff.
December 1921, Major Xhavid Leskoviku was appointed on top of Major Staff during the period of the political crisis involving Albania.
June 1923 Major Bajram Fevziu was appointed head of Major Staff. He performed this duty even after the events of June 1924.
January 1925 after the declaration of the First Republic of Albania and the implementation of the new Albanian National Army organization, in charge as Chief of Major Staff was appointed austrian Colonel Gustav von Myrdacz, whose duty since 1922 was also to organizer the Albanian Army.
 1929-1931 during the monarchy period in Albania, the Chief of Major Staff depended directly on the National Defense Commander and his duties were expanded significantly. After 1932, the Chief of Major Staff got higher in rank, implying growth of self importance of his position, and the duties he performed in the Albanian Army.
April 7, 1939 with the fascist occupation of Albania, ceased to exist Albanian Armed Forces
On July 10, 1943 was founded General Staff of National Liberation Army, in Elbasan. Despite the fact that it was not the classic general staff of a regular army, both in organization and number, it had its originality and its organizational features. Under a military point of view, the General Staff had a simple organization and was composed of military and non-military leaders. His commander was appointed Major Spiro Moisiu, while Enver Hoxha was appointed Commissar. The General Staff was composed of other 10 members: Captain Dali Ndreu (deputy commander), Major Abaz Kupi, Lieutenant Bedri Spahiu, Haxhi Leshi, Myslym Peza, Mustafa Xhani (Baba Faja Martaneshi), Mustafa Gjinishi, Ramadan Çitaku, Sejfulla Malëshova and Ymer Dishnica.
May 24, 1944 Përmeti Congress brought the unification of command in the General Command; Major General Spiro Moisiu was appointed the Chief of General Staff.
On July 1, 1945 was created the Ministry of National Defense and War, in order to organize and lead the Armed Forces in the new historical period. The General Command of National Army depended on the Ministry and the General Staff was under the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. Chief of General Staff was Major General Spiro Moisiu.
August 1946 kryetar i Shtatmadhorisë u emërua gjeneralmajor Mehmet Shehu. U suprimuan Komandat dhe disa seksione dhe u krijuan drejtori e seksione të reja në vartësi të tij të drejtpërdrejtë.
1952 Major General Petrit Dume was appointed Chief of General Staff.
1954 Major General Arif Hasko was appointed Chief of General Staff.
1956 Lieutenant General Petrit Dume was renamed Chief of the General Staff, a position he held until July 1974. With the reorganization of the army in 1966, the General Staff was reorganized and estimated as an important part of the Ministry of Defense. After 1970, with the establishment of the corps, his work dealt with the overall direction and leadership of military operations and organization of controls in AAF.
1974 after the putting down of the so-called military coup d'état, it happened a profound reorganization of personnel, but the structure and mission of the General Staff had no essential changes.

General Staff and the Chiefs of Albanian General Staff Albania, over a century, by Prof. Assoc. Dr. Zaho Golemi, MSc. Aurora Golemi


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