Mission and Tasks


Maintaining order in the AAF, detection, prevention and prosecution of criminal activity, engagement in the fight against terrorism, participation in peacekeeping and humanitarian operations and protection of state property managed and used by the Armed Forces.


-  Ensures the military order outside the military units in public and non-public environments.
-  Protects life, health and dignity of the military from any illegal act when they are offended due to his/her duty attributes.
-  Protects the state property managed and used by the Armed Forces from illegal activity.
-  Intervenes to avoid acts of terrorism in the Armed Forces.
-  Works for the detection, prevention and prosecution of criminal activity against members of the Armed Forces, military property and facilities.
-  Implements the decisions of the court, the acts of Military Prosecution on searching, capturing and bringing the military forcibly to the court when they avoid prosecution or the penitentiary.
-  Controls and secures the military transport.
-  Controls the movement and use of military means and technique.
-  Controls and takes measures to implement legislation against Fire Intervention Measures (FIM).
-  Ensures the enforcement of military order during military exercises, military ceremonies and activities organized by GSAF (General Staff of the Armed Forces).
-  Escorts the military dignitaries of the Armed Forces, and counterpart foreign delegations.
-  Performs duties in the interests of the Albanian military forces in missions abroad and foreign military forces operating in Albania in accordance to the laws in force.
-  Performs and supports humanitarian operations.

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