History of CISA

On June 30, 1931, the Telegraph Company and communication company was established. This date will be remembered in history as the “Day of the Communication of the Albanian Army”.

In May 1945, the communication battalion was established; Ymer Hoxha was the commander of the battalion, and the battalion incorporated 2 companies: the Radio and Telephony Company.

On 30 June 1948, the Autonomous Communication Regiment was established, which received the fighting flag named by Peoples Hero, Qemal Stafa.

In 1949, there were used for the first time 40 radio stations inherited from the war, type RSB, RB, 12rp, a7a, and 10rt.

In 1955, the Lines Battalion was created, subordinated to the Communication Regiment.

In 1957, the Communication Regiment was equipped with new equipments like RS, R-118, R-311 and P-194 PBX, ST-35, tickers, etc.

In 1980, the Albanian communication was equipped with modern apparatus of that time, as RST. VSH 100 of different types, as well as new apparatus of densification. Special machines were upgraded with RST, with side band, type TIG-900, URC, RT-100t. In order to connect MoD by telephone to CP1 and CP2 the KROSBAR PBX were upgraded with capacity of 90-200 numbers.

In October 1961, it was created the Dajt RTP for the reconnection with the units in the northern part and a RTP on Mount Tomori as a reconnecting point with the units in the southern part.

In 1973, the Communication Battalion built up bunkers and tunnels for radio-roulettes.

In 1981, the Communication Regiment turned into a communication brigade.

In 1982, the construction of the airlines across the country began.

In 1984, the unit is named as the 75th Communication Brigade.

After the 90s, the Albanian Communication was equipped with radio systems of the type SEM-52, SEM-70, SEM-80, SEM-90, etc.

This made possible the ensuring of communication of the GSAF with the units of the country through the main RTP in Mount Dajti, Cervenakë, Midë and Gllava. It was put into operation the modern RST type RF-5200 and PRC-138.

In 1992, in the four-levelled training “Gjalica-92”, organized by the General Staff with some divisions of the northern area, took part the communication brigade to support through communication the General Staff with the participating divisions in this exercise. The exercise was successful and reached its goal. The GSAF commanding was made from the CP communication centre.

Based on the order of the Minister of Defence, no. 403, date 12/04/2001, the Military Unit no. 1060 (Communication Brigade) turned into a Communication Regiment.

In 2003, the Communication Regiment turned into a Communication Battalion (Military Unit no. 6611).

In 2003, new systems were installed at the Stationary Centre CTE-4400 and the digital system MoD-Dajt.

In 2004, it was installed the computer network of the General Staff in the Stationary Centre and the transition of this network under the management of this centre.

In 2005, at the CP-1 was installed ETS and continuation of the microwave installations in Mount Dajti towards The Navy, Land Forces, Air Forces and Rapid Reaction Brigade. 

The improvement of the telephone network in “Rrapi i Treshit” garrison, through new cable network, which was laid down in all directions, will end with the installation of the CTE-4400 in our battalion.

A lot of work was devoted to the Dajti RTP. This point is the most important node of the communication service, since in it there are installed all systems, the UHF, VHF band radio, and microwave in work mode 24 hours to 24 hours in the interest of all AF.

In January 2007, in Mount Dajti, was installed the tower for the installation of antennas and equipments located in Dajti RTP.

In 2008, it was established the optical fiber system, gift of the Danish government. This optical fiber improves the communication system of the Armed Forces.

Work is underway on laying fiber between MoD-TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command), TRADOC-COM.BAT (Communication Battalion), COM.BAT-SC (Support Command), COM.BAT-RSBrig (Regional Support Brigade), COM.BAT-MIS, MIS-Supply Battalion, COM.BAT-New COM.BAT, TRADOC-RRB (Rapid Reaction Brigade) and back-up system MoD-TRADOC.

Work goes on for the installation of terminal equipment in new network of optical fiber in the direction Tirana-Durres and some others units that are in these directions Military Police, Troop School, Peze-Helmës, Logistics Battalion, JFC in Durres and Navy command.

The communication battalion personnel has participated in almost all exercises that GSAF has developed.

In exercises in the framework of PfP such as, "Corner Stone", "Combined Endeavor", "Herald Hermes", "Interaction", "The Voice of Communication".

  • In addition, the battalion personnel has conducted humanitarian operations to assist the population affected by the floods in Lezha and Shkodra area, and in the northeast area of Kukës and Puka to unblock the roads from the snow.
  • Based on the order of the CHOD, no. 22, date 24/02/2010, the Communication Battalion, according to the new structure, turned to the Communications and Information Agency of the Armed Forces.

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