Mission and Tasks, CISA (Communication and Information System Agency)

Plans, develops, installs and provides equipments of computer and communication systems of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania (AFRA). It ensures the compliance with the automated systems of command, control, communication and those computerized of NATO. It manages and ensures the safety of automated information systems of the AFRA. It trains the needed personnel that are required to use and maintain the automated systems and interconnection of the AFRA.


•To command, control the equipments, train and provide a high level of readiness of this organization.

•To plan, develop, provide and install equipments and computer systems, as well as secure and unsecure communication of AFRA.

•To ensure compliance with systems of command, control, communications and those computerized of NATO.

•To plan and provide secure communications systems and information delivery.

•To manage and ensure the security of automated systems of the AFRA.

•To train the necessary personnel required for the use and maintenance of automated systems and communication of AFRA.

•To provide ongoing communication between the Joint Operational Centre (JOC) and various units of the AFRA, at peacetime, as well as in war.

•To develop annual and long-term coordinated plans for the modernization of telecommunications within the AFRA and communication with NATO and other allies.

•To configure and manage centrally the integrated systems and networks, automated and supported by computers for the AFRA.

•To plan, develop and provide secured and continuous telecommunication, to guarantee effective communication of “command and control” between the Minister of Defence, CHOD and subordinate units.

•To provide secured and continuous communication between the Minister of Defence, CHOD and other national agencies of government.

•To guarantee that the AFRA telecommunications systems adhere to protocols and applicable national and international procedures in power for the security of the communication.

•To develop, install and use capabilities against cyber war guaranteeing continuous communication and operability of computer and telecommunication systems of the AFRA.

•To ensure the deployed units with secured computer networks, telephone services and VTC as required.

•To coordinate, assign and monitor telecommunications frequencies in use by the AFRA.

•To prepare in collaboration with TRADOC and periodically revise, update and distribute technical manuals and standard operating procedures for management of information and communication within the AFRA.

•To provide courier service with NATO-MoD/GSAF (General Staff of the Armed Forces). 

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