Exercises and Trainings

The first typology of exercise: “Combined Endeavor”

The exercise “Combined Endeavor” (CE) is regarded as one of the most important activities of the demonstration, implementation and dissemination of concepts of interoperability of the communication and information systems. This exercise has been and remains a school for the communication personnel in terms of planning the exercises, the way of organization and implementation, determining the degree of interoperability of our systems with those of other countries, introduction with new technologies, testing the applied systems, human interaction between the personnel of different countries, etc. 

Our Armed Forces have participated for the first time in exercise “Combined Endeavor” in 1999. Communication multinational exercise "Combined Endeavor" is an annual exercise in the spirit of Partnership for Peace (PfP) programme organized and led by the American Command in Europe. In this exercise participate NATO and PfP member countries. The exercise "Combined Endeavor" has served as a real ‘laboratory’ to test in the field all the new systems that we have been applied and introduced in usage by the Armed Forces.

The second typology of exercise: “the Voice of Communication”
This exercise takes place in the framework of the implementation of new systems to CISA. It enables the qualification and joint testing of SC of CISA operators to recognize and to use them, to support the C-2 of AF in various operations in accomplishing the mission. CISA key elements are tested, especially new and recently implemented systems in the AF structures.

The third typology of exercise training: “Herald Hermes”
The purpose of this exercise is to ensure among the participating countries of Southeastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) the interoperability of Communication and Information Systems, the radio system HF, to practice communication operators according to STANAGs, and enhance the ability of communication language in the use of communication equipments, etc. 

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