Deputy Chief of Defense

Brigadier General Manushaqe Shehu
Jannuary 2018 -

Brigadier General Shehu, the first female in the history of the Republic of Albania that receives this high rank. From 1 December 2016 until 16 January 2018 accomplishes the task of Training and Doctrines Commander in the Albanian Armed Forces. Since 16 January 2018 performs the task of Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Albanian Armed Forces.

Born in Peshkopi on 5 November 1965. Graduates from the High Officers’ Academy in Tirana in 1988. As a newly commissioned officer, she served as a Chief of Logistics in Brigade no. 3900. From 1989-1996, she conducted several different tasks as battalion logistics specialist, chief of various logistic services, up to Head of Logistics. During 1996 - 2000 she was appointed as Specialist of Financial Control and Intangible Supplies in the Ministry of Defense. After that she worked on the American team of US Department of Defense, in the Ministry of Defense, as a translator, and in the meantime attends postgraduate studies at Defense Academy in Tirana. 

In 2003 promotes as major and is appointed Chief of Food Service of the Armed Forces and at the same time was the initiator of several projects concerning the restructuring of the Armed Forces and member of the Board of the American company SAIC "for AF structure changes", as well as a member of different boards that drafted various logistics regulations in the AF and Head of the Board for modification of norms of food and clothing and installation in the AF. From 2004-2005 attends ADAMS P&P (Logistics school) in Tur, France and the Academy of the General Staff “Spiro Moisiu” in Tirana. In 2006 is promoted Lieutenant Colonel and is appointed Chief of Supply of the AF while in 2007 is appointed as Chief of Protocol at the General Staff of the Armed Forces and later as Assistant of the President of the Republic of Albania on Military Affairs and Euro-Atlantic Integration. In 2016 promotes “Colonel” and is appointed Commander of the NCO Academy.

BG Shehu graduates the Faculty of Law at University of Shkodra (Albania) and during her long military career attends different courses in Albania and abroad. In 2010 receives Master Degree (MSc) in the field of National Security and now is a PhD candidate in the field of National Security. Some of the main courses she has attended abroad are: CIMIC course at the P&P Center, Ankara, Turkey (2013), “Gender Perspective in Peacekeeping Operations” Course in Zagreb, Croatia (2014), studies on CIMIC & CIMI, in Oberamengau Germany (2015), "Fight against human beings trafficking" course  in the P & P Center, Ankara, Turkey (2016) and, Strategic Leadership Course”, Budva, Montenegro (2016). During the period July-September 2017 attends Security Course in “Marshall” Center, Garmisch, Germany and in October 2017 attends the course ‘Building Integrity” in the United Kingdom.

BG Shehu is the author of a number of papers published in military press in Albania and abroad and has participated in several international military activities in NATO and partner countries.. Later on, in 2011, she was appointed Military Advisor to the President and in 2012 Director of Civil - Military Cooperation in the Ministry of Defense. In 2016 was appointed Commander of the NCO Academy and from December 1, 2016 onwards, she holds the post of TRADOC Commander. 

Despite receiving various orders and medals from the Minister of Defense and Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, BG Shehu was awarded with some other medals and certificates such as "Distinguished Athlete", "In support of the population in miscellaneous donations", "Activist for the implementation of resolution 1325 " etc. She has participated in joint exercises with NATO member countries, has been an activist and led initiatives to help military and civilian women of the Armed Forces and the region. During her career, she has been the initiator of a number of joint civil-military national and international projects, mainly focused on gender equality, for which she has received gratitude from national and international human rights organizations as well as from civil society and other structures of civil control of Armed Forces.

Brigadier General Shehu is married and has two children, a son and a daughter.

She has a good command of two foreign languages, English and Italian.