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Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku
August 2017 - 

Education, and military career of Brigadier General Bardhyl Myrteza Kollçaku

Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku, was born on June 05, 1967 in Pëllumbas, Berat.

He completed his studies at the “Skanderbeg” Military High School, the Military Academy and was commisioned as  tactical intelligence officer, in 1990.

During his military career he has completed the High Security and Defense College, Tirana, the United States Command and General Staff College, as well as Joint Forces Staff College, in the United States.

He has completed his Master's degree in Public Administration (Tirana University) in collaboration with the University of Nebraska, as well as has received PhD in the field of Defense.

Brigadier General Kollçaku has also attended the International Senior Defense Management Course, in addition to the International Tactical and Intelligence Officer Course in the United States.

Among other courses, his rich academic biography includes the Basic Staff Officer, Special Forces and Executive Security Course at Marshall Center, Garmisch, Germany.

Brigadier General Kollçaku has performed various tasks such as: General Director of the Intelligence and Security Agency, Director of Defense Planning and Monitoring Directorate at the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Director of the Strategic Policy Department and Head of Cabinet of Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

Brigadier General Kollçaku has contributed to the establishment of the SEDM-CC Secretariat, the first international structure of the Ministry of Defense.

He has performed various duties as Staff officer and Head of Sector in Intelligence, Planning and International Relations.

After Albania's NATO membership, Brigadier General Kollçaku was among the first appointed officers in Alliance headquarters, initially as staff officer and later as director of the Integration and CoordinationDivision, Military Partnership Directorate, SHAPE, Belgium.

He started his career with troops as platoon commander at the General Staff Supporting battalion, company and chief of intelligence at the Infantry Brigade, and topped as commander of the Second Infantry Battalion,Rapid Reaction Brigade, evaluated and certified by NATO.

Brigadier General Kollçaku served as a Military Observer at the UN Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG).

Brigadier General Kollçaku has been awarded various medals for achievements during his long military career.

Brigadier General Kollçaku is fluent in English.

He is married and has two adult children.


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