Chief of Defense

Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku
August 2017 - 

Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku, was born on June 05, 1967 in Pëllumbas, Berat. He completed his studies at the “Skanderbeg” Military High School, the Military Academy and was commisioned as  tactical intelligence officer, in 1990. During his military career he has completed the High Security and Defense College, Tirana, the United States Command and General Staff College, as well as Joint Forces Staff College, in the United States. He owns an PhD in the field of Defense. Brigadier General Kollçaku has performed various tasks such as: General Director of the Intelligence and Security Agency, Director of Defense Planning and Monitoring Directorate at the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Director of the Strategic Policy Department and Head of Cabinet of Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces. Brigadier General Kollçaku served as a Military Observer at the UN Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG). Brigadier General Kollçaku has been awarded various medals for achievements during his long military career.


Deputy Chief of Defense

Brigadier General Manushaqe Shehu
Jannuary 2018 -

Brigadier General Shehu, the first female in the history of the Republic of Albania that receives this high rank. From 1 December 2016 until 16 January 2018 accomplishes the task of Training and Doctrines Commander in the Albanian Armed Forces. Since 16 January 2018 performs the task of Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Albanian Armed Forces.
Born in Peshkopi on 5 November 1965. Graduates from the High Officers’ Academy in Tirana in 1988. BG Shehu graduates the Faculty of Law at University of Shkodra (Albania) and during her long military career attends different courses in Albania and abroad.
BG Shehu is the author of a number of papers published in military press in Albania and abroad and has participated in several international military activities in NATO and partner countries. Later on, in 2011, she was appointed Military Advisor to the President. In 2016 was appointed Commander of the TRADOC. 


Commander of Land Force

Brigadier General Albert Mullai
January 2019 -

Brigadier General Albert Mullai was born in 23 February 1964 in Tirana. He attended the Military Academy from 1984 until 1988. His military career initiated in 1988. During this time he held the post as Commander of the Academy of NCO. He has also been a lector at the Academy of Defence and later on he followed up directing different directorates at the General Staff.

During his career, Brigadier General Mullai has been an Adviser of Personnel at the Ministry Of Defence and General Staff in Afganistan as part of “Resolute Support Mission”.


Commander of Support Brigade

Colonel Gaspër Lala
August 2017 - 

Colonel Gasper Lala was born on June 03, 1962 in Burrel. During 1981-1985, he completed his studies at the Military Academy. Has completed successfully different qualifications at home and abroad: the Course on High Security and Defense, the Course on Arms Control, etc.

His military carrier began as Field Artillery Battery Commander in Bulqizë. He went through different task assigments till becaming the Commander of SC. 

It has been awarded various medals for achievements during his military career. He masters english, german and greek languages


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