Mission and Tasks, CISA (Communication and Information System Agency)

Plans, develops, installs and provides equipments of computer and communication systems of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania (AFRA). It ensures the compliance with the automated systems of command, control, communication and those computerized of NATO. It manages and ensures the safety of automated information systems of the AFRA. It trains the needed personnel that are required to use and maintain the automated systems and interconnection of the AFRA.


Exercises and Trainings

The first typology of exercise: “Combined Endeavor”

The exercise “Combined Endeavor” (CE) is regarded as one of the most important activities of the demonstration, implementation and dissemination of concepts of interoperability of the communication and information systems. This exercise has been and remains a school for the communication personnel in terms of planning the exercises, the way of organization and implementation, determining the degree of interoperability of our systems with those of other countries, introduction with new technologies, testing the applied systems, human interaction between the personnel of different countries, etc. 

Our Armed Forces have participated for the first time in exercise “Combined Endeavor” in 1999. Communication multinational exercise "Combined Endeavor" is an annual exercise in the spirit of Partnership for Peace (PfP) programme organized and led by the American Command in Europe. In this exercise participate NATO and PfP member countries. The exercise "Combined Endeavor" has served as a real ‘laboratory’ to test in the field all the new systems that we have been applied and introduced in usage by the Armed Forces.


History of CISA

On June 30, 1931, the Telegraph Company and communication company was established. This date will be remembered in history as the “Day of the Communication of the Albanian Army”.

In May 1945, the communication battalion was established; Ymer Hoxha was the commander of the battalion, and the battalion incorporated 2 companies: the Radio and Telephony Company.

On 30 June 1948, the Autonomous Communication Regiment was established, which received the fighting flag named by Peoples Hero, Qemal Stafa.

In 1949, there were used for the first time 40 radio stations inherited from the war, type RSB, RB, 12rp, a7a, and 10rt.

In 1955, the Lines Battalion was created, subordinated to the Communication Regiment.

In 1957, the Communication Regiment was equipped with new equipments like RS, R-118, R-311 and P-194 PBX, ST-35, tickers, etc.

In 1980, the Albanian communication was equipped with modern apparatus of that time, as RST. VSH 100 of different types, as well as new apparatus of densification. Special machines were upgraded with RST, with side band, type TIG-900, URC, RT-100t. In order to connect MoD by telephone to CP1 and CP2 the KROSBAR PBX were upgraded with capacity of 90-200 numbers.



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