Military Police

Military Police unit is subordinated to the General Staff.

Military Police (MP) has the mission of maintaining order in the Albanian Armed Forces (AAF), detection, prevention and prosecution of criminal activity, engagement in the fight against terrorism, participation in peacekeeping and humanitarian operations and protection of state property managed and used by Armed Forces. MP structure enables the fulfilment of tasks and goals deriving from this mission. During recent years, MP is trained by foreign specialists, experts of Italian Carabinieri, U.S, German and Turkish MP. It is prepared as a force ready to act within the framework of the respective NATO structure, capable and properly equipped to perform such duties.

MP personnel provide a major contribution in cases of civil emergencies.

The MP structure is prepared to operate across the whole spectrum of mission, tasks, and participate in peacekeeping and humanitarian operations.

Personnel Recruitment Centre (PRC)

Personnel Recruitment Centre (PRC) is another support unit of General Staff.

It recruits candidates for officers and professional soldiers, develops and manages documents and records of active, in reserve/release military personnel and of the civil personnel, provides support with psychosocial services to the Armed Forces personnel, promotes the rights in relation to gender equality and equal opportunities, and carries out the financial treatment of the military personnel in reserve or release. The PRC provides to the citizens the certificates of performing the compulsory military service. The PRC provided service on the additional benefits for the military personnel in reserve/release or their families, on: the treatment with transitional payment; early pension for seniority; supplementary pension, full retirement pension, supplementary disability pension, family supplementary pension when because of duty they lose their life, etc.

Joint Operation Centre (JOC)

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Military Delegation in NATO

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Communication and Information System Agency (CISA)


Plans, develops, installs and provides equipments of computer and communication systems of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania (AFRA). It ensures the compliance with the automated systems of command, control, communication and those computerized of NATO. It manages and ensures the safety of automated information systems of the AFRA. It trains the needed personnel that are required to use and maintain the automated systems and interconnection of the AFRA.

Support Regiment

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