Missions and Tasks


Providing and maintaining the sovereignty of the Republic of Albania maritime space in cooperation with other structures of the Armed Forces, the law enforcement at sea in cooperation with state institutions with interests in the maritime area.


- Ensure at all times, operational capability and combat readiness, with sufficient capacity to respond to threats and risks for the accomplishment of the constitutional mission.

- Ensures and defends the territorial maritime area and the Albanian coast, conducting joint operations with the Armed Forces structures and NATO structures in the endangered directions.

- Monitoring and control of maritime traffic in the territorial waters and coastline of the Republic of Albania.

- Organization and conducting search and rescue operations (SAR) and humanitarian operations to assistance the population in cooperation with the Armed Forces structures.

- Preserves and protects the maritime environment for the law enforcement at sea.

- Provides hydro navigation conditions and marine signals for a safe voyage in maritime area of the Republic of Albania.

- Preserves and protects the marine environment from pollution and exercises the control over the illegal traffic of goods and people.

- Participates against asymmetric threats of terrorism, organized crime in conjunction with specialized state bodies in this regard.

Navy Structure

Navy consists of Navy Command and Staff, Staff Support Company, Naval Shipyard, Maritime Surveillance Centre, Hydrographic Service, diving centre and the Naval Flotilla.

Maritime Surveillance Centre (MSC)

Mission: Provides continuous surveillance and monitoring of maritime space and lakes of the Republic of Albania.


Navy History

With the declaration of independence in November 28, 1912, the first attempts to organize the Albanian Navy were made by Ismail Qemali’s government, but the beginning of World War I interrupted this commitment.

In 1925, the military organization was based on the status of Albania, drafted on March 7, 1925. On the basis of this status, it was created the General Command of Military Powers.


Commanders in years

- Rear admiral Abdi Mati (1945-1957, September 1961 - September 1973)

- Rear admiral Teme Sejko (1958 - August 1960)

- Rear admiral Hito Çako (September 1960 - September 1961)

- No rank, Qamil Poda  (September 1973 - July 1981)

- No rank, Ndue Jaku (1981 - 1991)

- Captain (N) Tasim Meçe (1991 - 1992)

- Captain (N) Fitim Halili (1992 - 1993)

- Rear admiral Edmond Zhupani (1993 - 1994, 1996 - 1997)

- Rear admiral Muharrem Kuçana (1994 - 1996)

- Captain (N) Vladimir Beja (March - September 1997)

- Captain (N) Robert Bali  (September 1997 - October 1998)

- Rear admiral Kudret Çela (November 1998 - March 2005)

- Captain (N) Kristaq Gërveni (March 2005 - September 2009)

- Rear admiral Kudret Çela (September 2009 - January 2012)

- Brigadier General Qemal Shkurti (August 15, 2012 until today)

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