Chad, Africa

AAF have sent three contingents consisting of 63 military members (189 in total) in the operation MINURCAT, led by the European Union in Chad, Africa, during July 2008-July 2010, serving as part of the French contingent. Sending troops in Chad was based on an agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Albania “For the participation of the Republic of Albania in EU military operations”, as well as on the bilateral agreement between the French Republic and the Republic of Albania, “To support AAF troops in EU military operations”.

The Contingent financial support has been provided by the Albanian government, but logistic support, which includes strategic troop transport in the region of operation, has been provided by the French side.


AAF was engaged in the mission UNIMOG in Georgia, led by UNO from 1994 until July 2009. In July 2009, the mission was completed and AF participated with 39 military men.

NATO ends its training mission in Iraq

The war in Iraq began in 2003 with the aim of overthrowing the dictator Saddam Hussein. In Operation Iraqi Freedom, there were 170 thousand military troops deployed by allied nations and partner countries from more than 35 countries (USA deployed 143 thousand troops, 4100 troops were deployed by Britain, 600 troops by Romania, 300 troops by Australia, 200 troops by Salvador, 155 troops by Bulgaria, 55 troops by Denmark, 53 troops by Lithuania, 38 troops by Estonia, 70-215 troops by Albania). In Operation Iraqi Freedom, within the coalition war against terrorism, 500 military bases were operating throughout Iraq, but in 2008 they began to be reduced. Less than 3 thousand U.S. and NATO troops started to operate, being engaged in “NATO Training Mission”, which served to rebuild, support and train troops and headquarters of the Iraqi Army.

Within the coalition forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom on 14 April 2003, the Republic of Albania joined the coalition of the allied and partner countries by engaging the first Peace keeping contingent from “Commando” Regiment, the elite troops of the Armed Forces. Participation in this operation was made possible by the Law No. 9025, dated 13.03.2003, “On the availability of space, land, sea and air and sending Albanian military forces in the Persian Gulf region (Iraq), within the international coalition to fight terrorism”.



In April 2003, the first contingent of the AAF was engaged as part of coalition forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The contingent was sent based on the Law No.9025, dated 13.03.2003, “For the approval of normative act, based on the Law No. 1, dated 09.03. 2003, of the Council of Ministers, “For making availablethe Albanian land, air and navy area and sending Albanian military forces to the Region of Persian Gulf (Iraq), in the framework of the International coalition against terrorism”, DCM No.172, dated 25.02.2005, “For the reformation of the Commando Company of the AAF of the Republic of Albania together with the supporting structures of the Persian Gulf region, in the framework against terrorism”.

The 1st-4th contingent was composed of one company with seventy military men, whereas the other contingents with 120 military men, who are contingent of Commando Regiment. Except for the contingent of 120 military men in September 2008, AAF of the RA increased their level of engagement in Iraq by sending another contingent of 95 military men.


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