Current Commitment

In its policy for the continuation of the implementation of the "transition" process announced at the Lisbon Summit and based on the “Exit Strategy” policy of the Chicago Summit, NATO intends success and exit from the war in Afghanistan. This strategy consists of gradually reducing the number of the combat support troops and increase of training teams (NTM, OMLT/MAT and POMLT).

Based on this policy, the Ministry of Defence and General Staff of the Armed Forces customized the commitment level of the participation in ISAF operation, increasing the specific weight and reducing the costs of participation expenses. It should be noted that the participation in ISAF operation of the Special Forces and Training Teams (OMLT, Medical and Special Forces training troops) is estimated maximally by the NATO decision-making structures (DSACEUR) and ISAF Operation Command. This, due to the fact that the specific and difficult tasks, they performed and are currently carrying out, have yielded obvious results in the support of military operations of the Alliance forces, as well as in the training and monitoring of the Afghan Army and Police.

In 2013, the Armed Forces commitment in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo has been a total 324 military personnel:

1. ISAF Afghanistan, 298 militaries:

- Herat (Contingent + Headquarters) Herat: RC-W 113 militaries;
- Herat, NATO Operational Team for Counterintelligence (TFA) 1 military;
- Kandahar (Contingent Eagle 6 and 7) 100 militaries; RC - N (Mazar-e-Sharif) 3 militaries;
- Kabul (medical team) 20 militaries;
- Kabul (CSTC - A) 6 militaries;
- ISAF Kabul IJC HQ 6 militaries;
- Kabul (NTM - A) 10 militaries;
- ISAF KABUL (OMLT and MAT-IV) 32 militaries;
- ISAF KABUL (POMLT) 2 militaries;
- ISAF WARDAK (RC-E) 5 militaries.

2. KFOR Kosovo (HQ+EOD), 24 militaries.

3. ALTHEA Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2 militaries.

In 2014, the Armed Forces commitment in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo has been until now 85 military personnel, engaged in:

1. ISAF Afghanistan, 74 militaries:

- ISAF Headquarters (HQ ISAF), NATO, 3 militaries;
- ISAF Joint Command (IJC), NATO 2 militaries;
- Special Operation Forces Headquarters (SOF HQ), “ISAF”, NATO Kabul, 2 militaries;
- Regional Command West, ISAF Military Operation, NATO, 3 militaries;
- NATO Counterintelligence Command (ACCI), 1 military;
- Logistics Branch at Combined Security Transition Command (CSTC – A) USA, 1 military in Kabul;
- Regional Command South (RC-S), USA, “Eagle”, 50 militaries;
- Regional Command Capital RC - C, ISAF, NATO, MAT, 12 militaries.

2. KFOR Kosovo (HQ), 10 militaries.

3. ALTHEA Bosnia - Herzegovina, 1 military.


Starting in 2003, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania are engaged with representatives at the SEEBRIG HQ (Southeastern Europe Brigade), in the framework of the SEDM initiative (Southeast Europe Defence Ministerial), with a total of 13 military personnel. Currently, this commitment continues with a military representative. 


In July 2009, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania were involved in the NATO-led operation, KFOR, in Kosovo with representatives in HQs and NAT (NATO Advisory Team, to the Kosovo Security Force). 32 military personnel have been engaged so far.
The Albanian Armed Forces are currently engaged with 10 military personnel in different offices in HQs, and 2 military personnel in NAT.

Peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The first contingent of the Armed Forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina was engaged on the 9th of September 1996 to December 2007, with the 21st contingent. They participated in IFOR and SFOR operations led by NATO and Operation ALTHEA, EUFOR Command, led by the European Union. A total of 21 contingents (contingents from 1 to 4, with 37 troops, contingents from 5 to 21, with 71 troops), in which were engaged 1355 military personnel in security and base protection tasks, being operationally subordinate and in support of the implementation of the peacekeeping duties to the German Command.

April 2008 - February 2013, a total of 118 troops: 12 (twelve) EOD contingent and representatives in HQ, in the framework of Operation ALTHEA, EUFOR, led by the European Union.

Participation in peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina is with 1473 military personnel.

Afghanistan, ISAF Operations led by NATO

In July 2002, the first contingent of the Armed Forces became part of the coalition forces against terrorism in ISAF operation in Kabul and continued to gradually increase the representation and diversity of the engagement in tasks, almost in all the Regional Commands in Afghanistan, such as in Herat (West), Mazar-e Sharif (North), ISAF Headquarters in Kabul, NATO Training Mission in Kabul and Herat, OMLT teams in Kabul, Special Forces in Kandahar (South) and the Special Forces Trainers in Wardak (East). So far, 2944 military personnel have participated in this operation.


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