Mission and Tasks


Its main mission is the defence of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Albania, participation in humanitarian, combat, non-combat and peace support operations.

 Specific tasks

- Maintaining and development of capacities to provide a high level of readiness.
- Continuous and good training to deal with the tasks that might be assigned to it.
- Assists the community in cases of humanitarian emergencies; supports Search and Rescue Operations (SAR).
- Cooperates with other national institutions in preventing illegal trafficking, smuggling of people and conventional weapons in Albania.
- Trains and participates with troops in peace support missions in the framework of NATO, EU and UN.

LF structure

The Land Force structure includes the Command and the Staff of LF, as well as units and subunits which make possible the fulfillment of its mission.

Command and Staff

Staff Support Company

Training Centre

“Zall-Herr” Garrison

1st Infantry Battalion

2nd Infantry Battalion

3rd Infantry Battalion

Commando Battalion

Special Forces Battalion

Combat Support Battalion

Land Force History

Land Force is a priority unit in the structure of the Armed Forces. Land Force was established on August 29, 2000, including military units with traditions and rich multi-year activity, spread across the territory of the Republic of Albania. In year 2000, the Land Force included five infantry divisions with 55 brigades and 300 battalions deployed in 167 different regions of the country. During its continuous reform, the Land Force underwent new changes. In year 2006, the Land Force was suppressed and the Joint Force Command was established. In the context of the ongoing transformation of the Armed Forces, based on the concept of an army small in number, operational and professional, on the 9th of December 2009 was reestablished the Land Force on the basis of Rapid Reaction Brigade and Commando Regiment.


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