Chief of Defense

Major General Assoc. Prof. Bajram Begaj
July 2020 - 

Major General Assoc. Prof. Bajram BEGAJ was born on 20th March 1967, in Rrogozhina, Albania.

He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in the Branch of General Medicine in 1989 and became an active officer in the specialty "Medicine" in 1998. He has assumed different staff and commanding positions at different levels.

Prior to becoming Chief of Defence, Major General Assoc. Prof. BEGAJ was serving as the Commander of Training and Doctrine Command.

His joint assignments include the role as the Deputy Director-General of the University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa”, Director-General of the Military Central University Hospital, Director of the Health Inspectorate and Chief Inspector and Advisor of the Health Inspectorate in General Staff of the Albanian Armed Forces, Chief of the Military Medical Unit and Deputy Director of the Trauma University Hospital.


Deputy Chief of Defense

Major General Manushaqe Shehu
Jannuary 2018 -

Major General Manushaqe Shehu was born in Peshkopi on November 5, in 1965. She comes from a family, with some of the best traditions in Dibra region. Her family was the main impetus and support for the realization of her dream and passion from an early. Shortly after graduating from high school in her hometown, she began her 37-year journey in the defense and security field.

This journey under a uniform has had a series of experiences, achievements and promotions, which have made everyone proud, not only those belonging to the family circle, but also those in the social circle and beyond.

Above all, the prominence of her human values, her personality and high integrity were displayed with dignity for more than three decades throughout her career in terms of the development and modernization of our Armed Forces.


Commander of Land Force

Brigadier General Arben Kingji
October 2020 -

Brigadier General Arben Kingji was born on 22 December 1970 in Kukës. He completed his studies at the Military Academy and during his military career served as Commander of the Support Battalion of General Staff, Military Police Battalion Commander, and also served as Contingent Commander in Afghanistan more than once, and was deployed also in Iraq as Continget Commander.

BG Kingji attended different qualification courses indoor and abroad, and has earned a Law Degree at Wisdom University.
He has been awarded with various medals of achievements during his military career.

Brigadier General Kingji speaks English and Turkish. 
He is married with two children.


Commander of Naval Force

Rear Admiral Adnan Agastra,
December 2021 -

Rear Admiral Adnan Agastra was born on July 27, 1970 in Vlora. He graduated from the Albanian Naval Academy in Mars 1992.

During his military career, Rear Admiral Agastra has served in various senior positions in the ranks of the Albanian Armed Forces, including the post of Chief of Naval Staff; ALB National Military Representative at SHAPE, ACO, NATO; ALB Navy, Flotilla Commander, ALB Navy, Chiefs of Staff, etc.

During his career, Rear Admiral Agastra has attended various qualification courses in Albania and abroad and has been awarded several medals and decorations for his achievements.


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