History of the Personnel Training and Education

In the late 30s the first student pilots were sent to Austria, Italy and France.
After World War II, student pilot were sent to the former Yugoslavia and Soviet Union. The first generation of Albanian pilots was trained and conducted the first flights in 1961, in Kuçova. The Air Force School was officially founded on May 11, 1962.

In 1963, the first reactive training squadron was created. It was the one that trained the first MIG-15 jet pilots. With the advent of new planes, JAK-61 and MIG-19, there were opened the relevant courses for technicians and pilots. JAK-61 was used for the basic training of pilots, whereas MiG-15 was used for pilots’ advance training.
In 1967-1968 the school was restructured, starting the education of maintenance personnel and flight instructors. In 1971 it was named the “Aviation High School” with the decision of the Defence Council. In 1992, it was named the Air Force Academy. In 2005, it was named the Air Force Troop School. In 2008, the Air Force Troop School becomes depended to TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command).
After 1990, the first students were sent to study abroad in Western academies, such as in Italy, Turkey, Greece, USA, Germany, and most recently in France and United Kingdom.  In 2004, the first group of pilots was sent to Italy to attend a pilot’s helicopter training course. In 2007, the BO-105 pilots’ group was sent for training at the “Eurocopter" company, in Germany. In April 2008, Farka Air Base was modernized with double engine BO-105 helicopters.

In 2011, a group of pilots was sent to "Eurocopter" company in France, for training in simulators.

In 2012, a group of pilots was sent for training with EC-145 helicopter in "Eurocopter" company, in Germany.

In 2012, a group of pilots and technicians was sent for training in France. They were trained in "Eurocopter" company with COUGAR helicopter.

In 2012, the pilots’ group was sent to the “FB Heliservice" company in UK for training with multifunctional helicopters.  

In 2012 began the project for training of system administrator personnel, which will serve in Control and Reporting Centre, (CRC). Their training was conducted in Turkey, as well as in NATO Programming Centre in Belgium.



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