History of Air Surveillance Centre

The Air Surveillance Centre was established in August, 2010, as a result of the implementation of the new Air Force structure. It is located in Rinas. The Air Surveillance Centre is the successor of the Air Defence Battalion.

As it is known, the legal act of July 1, 1931, “On the organization of the National Army” sanctioned the establishment of the first three antiaircraft batteries in our country in ports of Shëngjin, Durrës and Saranda, which is also the official day of antiaircraft artillery creation.

On November 14, 1947 the first regiment of antiaircraft artillery (AAA) was created in Tirana. It  was earlier located in the former Artillery Instruction School in Kavaja, where antiaircraft cannons 29mm, 37mm and 40mm, three batteries 76mm and a battery of 85mm calibre were collected. On May 24, 1948 the regiment was named “Ali Demi”. In the same year, in August, the regiment personnel put down an aircraft type Spitfire.

In 1954-1955 the regiment was equipped with 85mm battery and more sophisticated radio technical tools, whereas in 1957-1958, it was equipped with 57mm and 100mm batteries.

In 1959-1969, in the armament were included the guided missiles, 37mm AAA, and 57mm and 100mm cannons with automatic direction, 14.5mm machine guns with four barrels, whereas the ADA (air defence artillery) were also equipped with long, medium, short range detection radars. After the completion with military technicians, a great number of leading officers were annually selected not only from this unit, but also from other new units, which were spread across the country.

In the 70s, there were 22 regiments, 18 battalions of machine gunner of AAA, offered 6 barrels per km in the front line. The AAA directed missile regiment that was considered the pride of force, was created on December 6, 1968, after it the demonstration of this  technique made in the military parade in 1964.

There are prominent military figures who have commanded the Artillery Regiment such as: Muharrem Shabani, Simo Dhamo, Atif Ruçi, Raqi Iftica, Siri Strazimiri, Savo Kavaja, Kiço Janku, Naum Gjinikasi, Maqo Zoto, Bejto Isufi, Pasho Zupa, Qendro Mustafaraj, Alush Bisha, Namik Shehu, Ferhat Turhani, Pëllumb Gjondedaj, Metan Ismaili, Vangel Mati, Xhevdet Ramçaj, Hikmet Zyberi, Rustem Lami, Arqile Kokëdhima, Mehmet Mehmetaj and Tomor Mukaj.

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