Armament and Equipment, Logistics Brigade

The EOD Robot (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) of AAF is a distanced remote control engine used for the deactivation and destruction of hazardous material. These robots are also known as engines that can replace men in situations when human life or health is endangered (especially for the EOD operator life). Distance means safety. This basic rule regarding disarming explosive devices means that bomb disposal officers increasingly prefer EOD robots as their tool of choice. The most dangerous thing is the time that an IEDD operator spends on the place of bomb location. The use of the robot eliminates this risk. Operated by remote control the vehicle is capable of replacing people in especially dangerous situations and to perform hazardous tasks for them. 

The Wheelbarrow MK7, is a remotely controlled mobile. Command is by 100m electrical cable.


Armament and Equipment, Air Force

Air Force uses various types of helicopters as: Helicopter A-109; Helicopter AB-205; Helicopter AB-206; Helicopter BO-105; Helicopter COUGAR AS 532 AL; Helicopter EC-145.


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