Basic education of candidates for Armed Forces officers

The basic education includes the process that begins immediately after the recruitment of the candidates for officer. The purpose of this programme is to educate junior officers of the Armed Forces, who are able to recognize and apply in practice the basics of the officer profession. Through the basic education programme of the officer, the most important values and qualities of the military professionalism are transmitted such as, motivation to serve with determination and deep confidence to the national interests, the readiness to take responsibility and solve tasks with high risk, the ability to assess deeply and quickly, as well as the ability to make quick and accurate decisions. An important part of the programme goal is also the transmission of basic knowledge from fundamental areas of military leadership and management, strategy, operations, tactics, technology, social and behavioural sciences, political science and state, human rights and law. The basic education programme has also a significant training component, which summarizes military preparation, physical training and learning of foreign languages.

The basic education programme lasts about one academic year.

At the end of the basic education programme, the candidates are graduated and commissioned officers of the Armed Forces and directly can attend the special professional education programme. The successful completion of basic military education programme is a prerequisite for obtaining the first rank of the Armed Forces officer.

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