Recruitment of officers in the Albanian Armed Forces

The recruitment of candidates for officers is one of the crucial stages in the process of military education. The purpose of the recruitment is to enable the selection of the best candidates who offer the most favourable prerequisites for becoming eligible officers through the successful learning of the basic education programme.

The recruitment involves the phase of the candidates’ selection test and the phase of basic military training.

The test aims to select those candidates who have good qualities, intellectual values and physical capacity. These indicators are identified through the application of modern testing procedures, which include the evaluation of the results achieved during the university studies, the assessment of the motivation to serve in the Armed Forces, assessment of the potential to face the burden of the mission management and military command, as well as the evaluation of physical conditions.

Candidates, who successfully pass the phase of the selection test, do pass in the last recruitment phase that includes the development of basic military training. This training aims the basic military education of the candidates transmitting basic values and terminology of military profession. The basic training phase is also the continuation of the selection process.

Candidates, who successfully pass the basic military training, are recruited as members of the Armed Forces and are qualified as candidates for officers, or military students.

The recruitment process lasts 7 weeks. In this process participate Albanian citizens who meet the relevant legal requirements and who have successfully completed university studies (first or second level). In this process, in the framework of state agreements, foreign citizens, who meet the recruitment criteria, may also participate.

Recruitment is made in two ways:

a. The basis for the candidates recruitment to study for officer, are the contingents who have completed higher education (university), including those who have just completed the first level of studies.

At the conclusion of the Basic Officer Course studies, after the student is graduated to serve in the relevant specialty, for those officers who have had high results at the conclusion of higher education, but also at the conclusion of basic course, there is an opportunity to pursue the second-level studies with the expense of the Ministry of Defence.

b. As a second way of recruiting can be, the candidates who have completed their studies in high schools. During the higher education studies, they are subject to the military programme, aiming at the end of the higher studies the conclusion of the first phase of the Basic Officer Course. In this case, the expenses for the continuation of studies in the universities of the country are covered by the Ministry of Defence.

In this case for those that achieve high results in academic and military studies, the continuation of studies in the second level is made with the expenses of the Ministry of Defence.

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