Education of the Armed Forces officers

Officers are considered one of the most important categories of the Armed Forces personnel. The mission of the officer corps is leadership, management and command of the military structures of the Armed Forces in peacetime, crisis and military conflicts. The Armed Forces officers must be in condition to take the responsibility of leadership and command, as well as exercise these responsibilities with high professional competence in all possible situations. Normally, the corps of officers should be able to fulfil its mission under difficult and complex conditions, with insufficient information, limited human and material resources, limited guidelines and instructions by the superior levels, with insufficient time and under conditions of extreme risks, including the risk of his life and subordinate troops.

The preparation of a corps of officers to be able to successfully accomplish this mission is a major challenge that requires:

  • Candidates with sufficient preconditions in terms of character, education, motivation, physical condition, which can be obtained through the functioning of a modern marketing and recruitment system,
  • A modern programme of military education, which enables within optimal time and optimal costs, the preparation of capable and willing officers to cope with professionalism with the complexity of the mission.
  • A very professional, motivated, leading, educative and teaching staff, which enables the transmission of values and necessary knowledge to the corps of officers,
  • A modern infrastructure that supports the fulfilment of the officers’ education programme, which creates conditions for modern education and learning, normal conditions for living and entertainment, as well as conditions for the intensive physical development.

The education of officers is a continuous process that begins on the recruitment day in the Armed Forces and ends on the day of their release.

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