Mission and Tasks


Ensure necessary capacities for monitoring and surveillance of the airspace sovereignty of the Republic of Albania in cooperation with NATO, support of non-combat military operations, host nation support (HNS) and search and rescue operations (SAR), as well as the realization of command and control of aircraft within the Republic of Albania airspace.


- Warns in time on the air risk, based on the national and NATO’s assets;

- Trains, equips and keeps in readiness forces, systems, equipment, means and the necessary infrastructure to support combat and non-combat operations;

- Monitors the surveillance of the airspace of the Republic of Albania on the basis of information collection and integration from national and NATO sources.

- Controls the airspace of the Republic of Albania, in cooperation with NATO and National Air Traffic Agency (NATA), through Control and Report Centre (CRC) and the use of national and NATO’s capacities based on Article 5;

- Coordinates activities with NATO and NATA to accomplish “air policing” over the Republic of Albania airspace in peacetime according to the rules and procedures of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Eurocontrol and NATO;

- Supports other forces in combat operations;

- Participates in joint humanitarian operations to assist the population (during earthquakes, floods, fires, serious accidents, roads blocked by snow, medical assistance, etc.);

- Performs search and rescue operations (SAR) within the national interest, air policing and NATO operations in our country;

- Manages in cooperation with  the civil structures and NATO ones, "renegade" cases and advises the National Government Authority (NGA)  in decision making process and solving situations through proper response with the means and air command and control system of CRC;

- Supports VIP transport, troops, material, equipment and MEDEVAC transportation.

- Leads the training process of personnel in the country and NATO countries, for the appropriation of the procedures, systems, technology and its use in accordance with the force mission;

- Supports with meteorological service the activity of Air Force, commands and other units of the Armed Forces, other institutions in the Republic of Albania in peacetime, various emergencies and combat operations;

- Develops its potential operational capacities to contribute and benefit by using NATO Integrated Air Defence Missile System (NATINADMS) system.


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